Automated Custom Blog Post Styles


As a newbie to wordpress, CSS and nodejs I apologise if my question is garbled or confusing…

But I’d like to get an opinion on whether or not my idea is rubbish, or it holds some merit (in which case I can progress further and try to find some help to implement it!).

I have text output which is articles, with:

An Article Title
An image url
Section Headings
Paragraph Text within the Section Headings.

I’d like to post the articles to WordPress using their REST api.

I’d like to add a series of styles to each of the posts so that I’d end up with posts that might look something like this:


My idea (dream?) is that I could save many “sets” of styles and when my script creates a post, randomly pick a style and apply it and then add the post to wordpress. Each style could define background colors, fonts, dividers, and anything else necessary.

Is it a silly idea or might it be do-able?

Many thanks.


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