Backing up WordPress site with CodeGuard (or alternate options?)

For months now WordPress has been suggesting that I update to version 6.4, and to update some older plugins. However, when I try to do this I’m warned about backing up my database and files before proceeding.

Yesterday I purchased a one-year subscription to CodeGuard, which for $1.99/month seemed like an ok deal. However, I woke up this morning to a “site over quota” error message. Apparently to have it be of any use I’d have to upgrade to a much more expensive plan (about $18/month).

The site I’m backing up is a fairly straightforward personal blog with text and photos, not an e-commerce site. WordPress tells me that the directory size is 11 GB, and total installation size is 21GB.

I’ll contact CodeGuard later to cancel, but I’m unsure what do replace it with, or if I really do need to upgrade to $18/month to fully back up my site. Unfortunately I don’t think I have the computer skills to perform manual backups, but I wasn’t really looking to spend $200 just to back up a personal blog, either.

Any advice on the easiest/most economical solution would be much appreciated!


  1. I would cancel, it is not needed.

    21gb is quite large for a personal blog, maybe you have a staging server too?

    Which hosting do you use? You should be able to create a temporary backup with your hosting provider and perform the updates.

  2. You can ask bluehost if there is any backup of your website Most of the hosting companies take monthly backup of the complete hosting account. I use namecheap and their auto backup feature is very good they take daily, weekly and monthly backup of full hosting account so i don’t worry about taking site backup anymore


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