Website seo strategy related issues

I was researching the seo strategies of my competitors’ websites. I found that his main web content is laid out in two modules, one module is used to receive traffic for informational search intent and the other module is used to receive traffic for commercial or transactional search intent. While checking the configuration of his website, I found that he has a woocommerce online store installed, but I didn’t find a representative page of the woocommerce online store on his website – a product or product profile page. Now my question is: if I want to receive search traffic for keywords with two different search intents – informational, and transactional – should I blend informational and transactional content on one page (like my competitor) or design them separately – one page for informational content and one for transactional content. Which seo strategy is better?
Here’s my competitor’s page that receives keyword traffic for both search intents:


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