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Hi @mkarena,

You could start by importing the Complianz variables/triggers in your GTM container by following these steps, and adjust them where needed for your purpose:

Depending on your needs, an exception might not be necessary. For example, it might suffice to fire your ‘remarketing tag’ on the Statistics event, called (Default) Trigger Statistics when using the above container (as it fires when Statistics consent is obtained in Complianz).

For example, in the below screenshot, the Google Analytics tag fires on “Statistics” consent and the TikTok Pixel loads on “Marketing” consent.

Kind regards, Jarno


Thanks for your reply.

It’s what i’m doing for default remarketing, but the dynamic remarketing is called everytime a woocommerce event is fired so i need to have the consent value anytime (i’m new to dynamic remarketing, so i’m maybe not doing it the right way but i followed the GTM4WP tutorial).

I will try with your container, but it looks like it’s for GA univerval rather than GA4, no ?

Thanks !

Hi @mkarena,

You can indeed check what works best for your purpose. To clarify: the container import is for Google Tag Manager, not specific to GA4 or UA.

The tags (such as GA4) above were meant as an example, as the image mainly concerned the ‘triggers/events’ as previously mentioned.

Kind regards, Jarno


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