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Do you receive an email notification when that happens?

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I get a notification for any event: when a user adds to the waiting list, makes an order, pays, and so on. I want to disable when the user adds to the waiting list. how to do it?

There is a filter wptelegram_notify_send_notification that you can use to avoid sending notification to Telegram:

add_filter( 'wptelegram_notify_send_notification',	function ( $send, $args ) {
	// If the email subject contains the string "on-hold"
	$item_put_on_hold = false !== strpos( strtolower( $args['subject'] ), 'on-hold' );

	if ( $item_put_on_hold ) {
		$send = false;

	return $send;
}, 10, 2 );

That’s just an example which you will need to update as per your needs.


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