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Hello @essaulsanchez,

I have visited your website in an Incognito window in my browser, the Cookie Banner appears and I was able to Accept it as well.

Could you try visiting the site in an Incognito/Private Browsing window as well?

Kind regards,

Hello! Thanks for the quick reply.

I had the plugin disabled, just enabled it again.

It does not let you click with the mouse and blocks the web. In incognito and different browsers, as well as on computers and mobiles.

Thanks again.

Hello @essaulsanchez,

Can you give this a try by visiting your site using this URL?

This will display a version of the site prior to any optimizations done by WP Rocket, and when doing so, for me it immediately starts working as expected again. Which indicates that it occurs due to an optimization in the WP Rocket plugin.

I would start by purging cache in WP Rocket and checking if the issue persists afterwards. If it does, disable optimizations one-by-one and check the behavior after each change you make. Once it starts working again, you’ll know which feature causes it, and you can then exclude Complianz from that feature.

Kind regards,

Visiting works.

I have cleared cache and verified all the configuration step by step with WP Rocket tests, I will try again and check again tests.

Thank you!

In the console I get this error when clicking on the banner.

"Element.setCapture() is deprecated. Use Element.setPointerCapture() instead. For more information"

Thank you!`

Hi @essaulsanchez,

That deprecation warning seems unrelated to this behavior. It’s almost certainly a specific optimization in WP Rocket that causes this to occur, as ?nowprocket addresses it.

I recommend troubleshooting this with the previously provided steps. That’ll allow you to determine which exact WP Rocket feature is the culprit, after which you can exclude Complianz from it.

Kind regards,

I have rechecked. The problem is with the following option:

delay javascript execution in WP Rocket.

When you deactivate it, everything works fine again, even if you put the plugin as an exclusion, it still gives an error.

These are the lines I put:


Thanks again! Sorry for the disturbances.

I’ve fixed it by dispensing with that functionality in WP Rocket and using it in Perfmatters.

Thank you!


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