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ok – so I’ve figured out how to renew the support licence. However, still am powerless to update/correct the channel.
URGENT assistance required.


We understand the situation, but this has got nothing to do with the information transmitted by our Channel Manager to your Account ID. This is rather an issue with the pricing model assigned to your Hotel ID during the first connection request submitted (by default “OBP”, Occupancy Based Pricing).

Also, the maximum capacity of that room-type on your account should be adjusted directly from your account, because even if you had the OBP model enabled, rather than the “Standard Pricing” model, there would be no rates for 2 adults, but just the “solo-rate” if the maximum occupancy was set to 1.

What we could do from our Provider Portal account is to switch the pricing model assigned to your account ID. However, as I said, this would not fix the issue if your room-type is still configured on to have a maximum capacity greater than 1.

Unfortunately, there is no way to purge the OBP information for a room on, I’m sorry. Such settings can only be overridden, and so what needs to be done is to make sure the maximum capacity of that room is now set to 1 adult on At that point, you need to re-sync the rooms through the Channel Manager by using the page “Hotel – Synchronize Rooms”, and the next Bulk Action – Rates Upload will transmit to the proper pricing information.

We kindly ask you to contact us through our website should you have any problems. You can open support tickets or you can use the regular contact form. This is off-topic on this forum, and in order to check your property connection status with we need to know your Account ID. This is not an information you want to drop on a public forum. Thanks for your understanding.

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