Bricks compatibility planned? :-) ( bricksbuilder )

Hi Adrian,
it is the first time I saw this plugin name.
We don’t support any page builder or visual composer natively as anyone is completely different and works differently between versions etc.
We support Elementor because it is the only that works out of the box with no effort (except some specific configurations etc).

So no we are not planning any integration support for that plugin.

Instead, about the issue you are facing usually the plugin is not executed in page generated by those plugins because they don’t use the_content filter by WordPress, so our plugin is not executed.
For this reason, we have in the pro version a shortcode that let you wrap the paragraph, and it will be executed for that text section (that can be the whole content).

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Adrian M


Hi Daniele

Awesome response! Thanks so much. I mean that certainly would be a solution. I will look into the pro version then.

As for Bricks Builder it’s surprising to me because the Builder is currently gaining much attention. I’m sure you will stumble across it again eventually.

However, thanks a lot. 🙂


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