Broken installation?

Hi all!

So I installed wordpress on my Rocky server. I loaded all of my posts from another server to this one. Everything seemed to be working fine, but the’re are some serious issues with my installation.

Firstly, I can’t seem to install any new plugins, create new posts or even update the ones that already exist, RestAPI doesn’t work. I think that all of these problems stem from the next one:

I can’t access most of my posts or resources publicly. It seems that WordPress can run (?) files that are in the webroot directory, but the second I go to a dynamically generated page, it gives me 404. The main page and wp-admin work fine though.

Logging doesn’t work. Debug mode is enabled, even the admin panel tells me that, but debug.log itself is nowhere to be found. It’s like the server doesn’t have write permission, even though it does (made **sure** of it).

I’m honestly just so confused. Help would be appreciated.


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