Building a new website from scratch with Elementor and Hello Elementor theme – How to setup child theme?

I’m starting a new website with Elementor Pro and Hello Elementor Theme.

My question – do I need to create a child theme when using Hello Eleementor + Elementor Pro combo?

  1. You don’t NEED to use a child theme, but if you are doing any custom coding in the theme files, like maybe adding some snippets to the functions.php file, then that code will be overwritten the next time the Hello theme updates. This is why you would use a child theme.

    However, if you are purely using Elementor to build the site with absolutely no code added directly to theme files, you can forego the child theme, as per my current understanding.

  2. A child theme is best practice unless you’re building a from scratch custom theme where you control updates.

    I recommend using a child theme. I think Hello might have one you can download.

    ChatGPT or Bard should be able to help you get one spun up from scratch, if Hello doesn’t have a child theme for download.


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