Buttons don’t appear. Paypal insists its the plugin.

(I tried emailing you via your support desk from my site, but get a “try again later”.)

So, I set it all up.

I have tried to connect my Paypal account automatically and manually.

I have no cache plugin activated.

I have tested on multiple browsers with NO adblockers on.

I have tested on a desktop and on a mobile phone.

Nothing works.

The buttons DO appear when I set account to “production”.

The buttons DO NOT appear when I set account to “sandbox”.

If I activate button “Use Place Order Button”, the customer does get directed to Paypal’s sandbox. I am able to login, but then I get a notification from Paypal “Try again later”. The order on my site appears as “processing” and nothing else happens.

If I deactivate this button, then NO buttons appear in Sandbox mode. Only “production” mode.

I have spoken to Paypal and they insist this is not a Paypal issue.

My settings :

Advanced settings :
Locale setting : site language
Capture status : Completed
Cart button location : below checkout button
Mini cart button location : below checkout button

Paypal settings :
Enabled : checked
Title : Paypal
Transaction type : capture
Payment method format : Paypal
Checkout page button placement : in payment gateway section
Use place order button : Unchecked

Paypal button design :
Button collar : gold
Button lable : checkout

Credit card options :
Card enabled : checked
Credit card payment sections : checkout page


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