Can anyone please help me with this?

I just need someone to show me the way I want to learn how I can do this:

I have created the design on adobe xD, I am using Elemnator Pro and Woocommerce



# And this happens when I press a button:

  1. I am not sure wether wordpress has a plugin for what you want to achieve. And what program did you use for design? Dreamweaver or is this just something made in photoshop?

    Eitherway in ths adminpanel from your wordpress site you can download and add plugins/themes and customize your site. If you dont want to be dependant on those it is ofcourse also possible to create the full page from scratch.

    For that you’ll need to learn some html,css and javascript and php. Note you can shorcut it and look up how to get to the end result the fastest way. And skipping parts learning these fundamentals is not advised.

    w3schools is a good resource to get started with the actual programming and they have nice examples and a sandbox plauground so you can test out as you learn.

    Something else worth to mention is theodingproject to get started with web development.

    Basically what you need to know to make this. Is the structure of a html file, the styling with css. So make notes of your colourcodes they come in handy when building the actual page. And then some javascript and php for the form handling and making it more interactive.

    If you are a good learner or can learn quick you can teach yourself to accomplish this in an afternoon i guess it isn’t that hard.

    Also maybe you can use the help of elementor and some webform plugin could be that woocommerce has one for the functionality you want i am not aware tho it has been a while. But if you go that route it is still usefull to learn to code it manually for debugging purposes.

  2. We would need to get paid to help you do this, I suggest hiring a dev to help you or break up all the parts of this project into really small questions and post this in /r/woocommerce


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