1. What? No.

    1. Open your browsers dev tools
    2. Disable your blink
    3. Click the Performance tab and reload the page.
    4. Review load time.
    5. Enable your blink
    6. reload the page on the Performance tab
    7. You’ll see the results, determine if anything has changed.

    Maybe if you’re using it thousands of times in the page you might see some lag but the performance tab will let you know.

    Read this https://developer.chrome.com/docs/devtools/performance/

  2. It does not consume any of the hosting plans resources. That is kind of a silly question. 🤣

  3. With CSS the updates are synced with the screen refresh. – with JS they would simply be suppressed. If you try doing a counter in console log with a setInterval, the output will be quick ascending numbers, but nowhere ne the ones you think from my understanding this is also synced with ‚requestanimiationFrame’ and therefore limited by your screen refresh.
    Animated GIFs won‘t accept these rates either.

    Best of all – browsers will try to prevent the user from these ‚mistakes‘


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