Recovery of database tables

*(I’ll apologize in advance if this isn’t the right place to post. If you know a better place for this question then please recommend it)*

To keep it short:

Website goes down and a backup (both WordPress and database) is restored.

After restoration it’s discovered that there are missing tables in the database after the restore. ( wp\_users, wp\_usermetat, wp\_posts, wp\_postmeta, wp\_terms, wp\_term\_taxonomy, wp\_term\_relationships, wp\_termmeta)

And it is consistent through multiple database backups.

**Is there any way (and I mean ANY way) to recover said tables?**

  1. If you are able to share more details about the steps you took to recover the site and database, it’ll be easier to share suggestions.

    For example:

    1. Did you recover a complete backup or were they incremental/differential backups?
    2. How did you restore the backups?
    3. Were there any errors when you restored the backups? If yes, what were these?


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