Can I Switch *Back* to My Original Administrator Email?

Hey gang. I just started a new site, and I’m hoping I can get some guidance on something.

I just published my first post, and it includes the byline at the top of the page, with a link to my author page. The problem is, the URL of my author page includes my personal email address (it looks like this: I’m guessing when I signed up for WordPress through my host, it entered my personal email address as my username, and the URL created for author pages took my information from that username.

Anyway, I’d like to change the username and the URL to the author page, but–I know that there’s no changing usernames!

I know there’s a plugin that I can use that will help me change the URL, but I was hoping to avoid that, and wondering if I could enter a second administrator account (I know that I’d need another email address to do that–that’s not a problem), and then re-add the original administrator info with the username that I want, using the original email account, and then switch back to that, and then delete the second administrator account.

Would that work, or would it gum everything up somehow? I don’t really have any knowledge about software/programming, and I’m always worried I’m going to break something, so I figured I’d ask.

Please let me know if you have any experience here, and thank you!

  1. Sorry, but your description got me totally confused.


    1. You can create a new admin account with any info you want and just change the author in the post(s).
    2. You can edit details for the original account, including username and email from the DB [](

    Everything else should follow on its own, and you can also refresh permalinks via WP dashboard, Settings > Permalinks by hitting the Save button a couple of times and without actually changing anything (in case you get some 404 issues)


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