Can log into WP Admin but unable to log into regular WordPress site

I am using site ground for my website and it had me create a wordpress account as I started creating my website. I was trying to log into the wordpress app on my ipad but it said that I didn’t have an account with the email I provided, but I input the email I used for creating the wordpress account through siteground. So I created an account using the same email in hopes that they would magically merge into one account but unfortunately this did not happen. I deleted the account and am now trying to log in to my original account but it says I can’t because the account with the said email has been deleted.

This is all really weird because I can still log into wordpress admin through siteground using that same original account. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. It’s not possible to delete your WordPress website admin user account yourself.

    Please note that you might be getting mixed up with []( and/or []( websites. Each one, including your website, houses its own user database – they aren’t shared.

    To be able to use the WordPress mobile app on a website, I believe you are required to install Jetpack for it to work. Without Jetpack, it will default to assuming your website is hosted on [](, which is obviously not the case here.

    For further assistance, it’s best if you reach out to SiteGround support – they can access your site database and see what’s going on with the user accounts.


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