cannot change the ‘generic link social icon’ icon to what I want it to be.

Hi guys, you may have also seen my previous post. I am a new freelancer, and I am trying to add google scholar and researchgate to a customer website. I am running into the issue that there is no built in icon, so I have to make my own. When I pick the generic ‘link’ icon it does not show an icon making it unclear. I will put an image here too. I have tried to create essentially a clickable image and have uploaded the media to the site, however it will not let me put the image next to other images, each one cancels the other one out.

[This is what the link icon looks like. I don’t even think there is a way to change it.](

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  1. We’ve got no idea how these buttons/icons are being added into your site, so absolutely no idea.

    Share a link to the site, and the area where this section is, at the very least, otherwise it’s not really possible to advise you.


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