Cannot Figure Out Why og:image isn’t working!

Hi – I’m hoping someone can help me out. All of a sudden yesterday my images aren’t displaying properly on Meta/facebook. This used to work perfectly and now all my preview images on Facebook are defaulting to my site’s logo. BUT – when I check my page source I see the correct og:image property is appearing on posts. Any ideas!? I’m at my wits end trying to figure this out. It worked perfectly fine forever but yesterday I started having trouble.

Here is an example:

This [page](

I run it through the [Facebook Debugger]( and it shows that the og:image is this: [](

But the way I have it set up in WordPress and when I view my page source code shows the correct og:image: [](

Any ideas what’s up?

For context, before I never had to explicitly identify an og:image using through my plug ins even though I had both AISEO and Meta Tag Manager active. But then the og:image issues started. I experimented with shutting off one then the other. Right now I am using now the AISEO plug in to identify the og:image but I also tested using the Meta Tag Manager plug in as well (on a different post). Neither seems to make a difference.

How is Facebook and the Debugger both reading the wrong og:image property when my source code shows the correct one? Help!


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