Cannot seem to get subscribe to blog to work

I’m using WP 6.0.2 with Elementor Pro and the twenty twenty one theme. The website is up but I cannot seem to enable subscriptions to the blog posts. My objective is that an email is sent to the subscriber once a week and the email contains the same excerpts of the last week’s blog posts as my “all blog posts” page contains.

I’ve tried a few free plugins and while I can get the “subscribe” page to work — it accepts a name and email address — that info does not show up in the subscribers list but only the settings tabs for those plugins.

Subscribe2 seemed to be the solution but it is no longer being updated and won’t work with WP 6.

I don’t want to buy more stuff — my site is a blog not a commercial platform. It’s purpose is to share information and knowledge in my hobby of r/modelmakers. I had an old blogger blog previously and my subscriber base was less than 50.

I can code if I need to but I’d need some resources as HTML/CSS/PHP are not languages I’ve used much. I can easily modify snippets and follow logic but I’d be hard pressed to start from scratch. I’m familiar with linux and I’m comfortable in the terminal.

Ultimately I need 2 things:
1. Reliable collection of readers’ email address
2. Simple email form(s) and automated cron options for emails to the above addresses

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