Can’t change font and its weight

Hi @sokol07

I hope you are doing well, and am sorry to hear about this inconvenience caused.

This is strange! I have tried recreating the same issue on my end. But It seems everything is working well here. Here is my finding –
Can you please share the webpage URL here with us?

Also, If you please share the Site Info, I will give it another try. Please go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Tools -> Site Health -> Info -> Copy Site Info to Clipboard. Then paste it in PasteBin and share the link with us.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Ah, yes, I forgot to paste the link to the webpage.
The URL is
Here is the site info:

I tried with the same font you used in the video and I cannot change to it – the font isn’t changed and the selection field remains empty.

Best regards!

Little update – I can change fonts in page editor (Pages tab on the left main WP menu, the one you accessed in the video) but not in the editor accessed from the Appearance tab (for example, to edit common page elements like heading or footer).

Hi @sokol07

Thanks a lot for the details; sorry, we don’t have that option enabled for the FSE. We will add the feature as soon as possible for Full Site Editor.

Please allow us some more time for the option to workable with the FSE. I hope you got it.

Have a nice day.

Thank you,
I guess I’ll find some walkaround for now and wait for the update.
Best regards!


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