Cargos por Adulto Diferentes Para Cada Tarifa


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If you work with two types of price, a “Standard Rate” and a rate for holidays, then our suggestion is to only create one rate plan in VikBooking called “Standard Rate”. You don’t actually need to have a separate type of price only for holidays, because the types of price (rate plans) should reflect the services offered with the selected tariff or their refund policy. In fact, the “Standard Rate” could have its own costs on any date of the year, that is why you don’t need a rate plan called “Tarifa Feriado”. You could create a second rate plan in case you wanted to offer a “Non refundable rate” at a lower cost than the “Standard rate”.

That said, with the free version of VikBooking it is not possible to manage the rates for various dates, holidays or seasons of the year. You can only specify the default costs per night for your rooms/listings. Only the commercial version (Pro) of the plugin would let you manage the rates for any date of the year through the pricing calendars in the page “Rates Overview”.

Instead, you can already define the so called “occupancy based pricing offsets” (OBP) to modify the room costs depending on the number of adults (occupancy). This function is available in the edit page of each room, as long as the adults minimum occupancy is lower than the adults maximum occupancy. For example, if your room accepts from 1 to 3 adults, you can specify the base/default costs per night for each rate plan for your room, and then you can define an offset for 1, 2 and 3 adults occupancy. Most of the times the room base/default costs per night are based on the best or maximum occupancy of the room, hence on 2 adults in this example. By editing such room you will be able to define a discount for the single usage of the room (1 person) or a charge for the 3rd adult.

With the commercial version of VikBooking, your OBP rules (prices per adults occupancy) can be modified at room-day level just like the room base cost, and you can also define the costs based on the children age.

Please notice that the pricing models used by VikBooking follow the OpenTravel standards, and so they are fully compatible with any OTA channel you may connect later on through our Channel Manager service called E4jConnect.

We invite you to reach out to our team should you have any technical questions, or to visit the Knowledge Base section on our website for a detailed documentation and instructions.

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