Change Menu Bar Colors by editing the style.css in template

**After writing all of the below, I tried clearing my cache in Google Chrome, both on my desktop and my phone … and voila, my new colors appeared. Do I need to clear cache each and every time I make such a change? Also, I guess I need to learn how to make these changes in the Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. Any suggestions on how to learn that.. or perhaps a YouTube video?**


I am not sure how to word this.. so please bear with me.

I am wanting to change the color of a menu bar in a template I have purchased (long ago) from Unfortunately the theme is now retired on their site… and I can’t find any forum or chat room for it.

I have gone into the style.css file for the specific theme (in the child, not genesis) and changed the lines where I believe the theme color is held (from #3c557c to #3661bd), and of course saved the file.

After saving the style.css file, logging back out of FileZilla and reloading the website.. I still get the same color scheme as original.

The logical thought is that I have not changed the right lines in style.css… but I am 90+% sure that I have the right lines.

**So I guess my question is**… how can I determine if I have changed the right lines.. and/or.. how can I find the right lines?

The theme name is Deborah from as I said [](

Thanks for any suggestions or recommendations.


  1. First thing to do is open up your inspector tools and inspect element on what you want to change. Make the changes you want and note the selector it is under and what line in the css file it is located. There could be another line for the same element further down the page, which is often true of large themes.

  2. You always have to hold shift when refreshing CSS changes as the browser will always cache it for speed

  3. You can use dev tools network tab then disable cache tick box. Once your theme is no longer supported its time to buy a new one.


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