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Hi @withcandle,

can’t contact the context chat

What do you mean?

the level of intelligence is greatly reduced

I am not sure we can talk about intelligence exactly 🙂 ChatGPT is a new model, in beta, and basically built over davinci-003. So you can expect ChatGPT to be available at some point, when they will release it (and the ChatGPT app they have will probably go away at the same time).

Personally, I think davinci-003 is extremely good already, but it depends on what you need to do. You need a good context in the chatbot, and if you want to go much further, you’ll need to fine-tune the model.

For example, if you just asked him a code question, he will answer you, and then ask: Can you be more detailed, it will not know the detailed steps to answer your last question or continue, but will answer a paragraph inexplicably talk……Not at all in, maybe chatgpt uses a more powerful engine

Yes, ChatGPT uses a totally different engine 😉 And davinci-003 is not specialized in coding neither. But it’s the only available model that can “discuss” about coding. ChatGPT will come one day, don’t worry 🙂

Thank you very much for your answer, your plugin is still doing a great job, I will keep updating, thank you again for your work

Thanks a lot, and I will make it better and better! Can’t wait for new AI models too 🙂


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