1. WordPress has an admin email in settings that can be different from any user account. Most likely that’s why she’s getting those emails but can’t login.

    A WordPress developer could solve this issue in less than a few minutes.

  2. Have ya tried logging into where it’s hosted, and changing the values in the database? You can set up a new email & password. Just be sure to encrypt the password with md5

    Edit to add you can still find out where it’s hosted if you google how to find out the hosting provider. Whois

  3. If you have SFTP access to the server the site is hosted in you can upload a temp php file to the main site directory called add-user.php and write a script to add a new WordPress user with set credentials (I have one you can use, DM me if you want it just please change the credentials to something unique), then you can visit https://(siteaddress).com/add-user.php to trigger it. After that you can login with the newly created credentials

  4. You can `UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5(‘enterApassHere’) WHERE ID = 1;` (assuming her user ID is 1) if you can get at a command line on the web server (or into PHPMyAdmin), and that will reset it manually to whatever you want. Holler privately if you want a hand.

  5. This site is hosted at Bluehost, either her account or someone else’s. Have her engage with Bluehost support.

  6. who does she pay every year to keep the domain name? whatever she wants to do she needs to get into the DNS records as the owner of the site. I know if she has the site with Bluehost they offer WordPress and I would guess they could help. she has been paying bills this whole time so she must have something

    websites send recovery codes and is is vital to keep those

    it’s similar in nature to when I worked at financial firms. person moves and never changes their address and 7 years later the company send their money or stocks to the state since it went through the Escheatment Process. it’s the person’s responsibility to keep up with things.


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