Completely forgot about demo content posts that came with theme and woke up to 899 comments awaiting approval

I am working on a site that I hope to launch in 5 weeks from now, the domain name is fairly new and I have only had it for 5 weeks.

Today I woke up to 899 comments awaiting moderation from the default demo content that came with the theme.

So I first moved them all to Trash and when I tried to delete them, I got a bunch of PHP errors and I was no longer able to log in to the WordPress admin site.
I began to panic, cause I could not log in to m WordPress admin site. ( my website)
However I remembered one of the lines of the PHP errors I got mentioned caching.

Luckily, I was able to clear all the cache, static, dynamic and mem cache and then I was able to log in to my site again.

The morale of the story, even when you fist start workin on a site even if it is a new domain, always disable commenting.

I don’t know if it was some sort of hack that broke the site or what, the comments awaiting approval all had sites domain names from Israel and had links, I am not sure if it was some sort of phishing attack or what.

  1. Should also turn off “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” when you first start

  2. > I am not sure if it was some sort of phishing attack or what.

    Just regular old comment spam –it’s all automated these days, so when a new domain is registered bots will crawl the site looking for this exact scenario.

  3. Another good tip is to change your default /wp-admin url. I use WPS Hide Login to do this, it stopped dead overnight any weird activity. Make sure to choose a url string that’s something other than the default that the plug-in gives you.


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