Conflict with Jetpack Backups |

Hello! I have been going back and forth with support from Automattic regarding repeated failed backups using their plugin. They have narrowed down the issue to one involving Really Simple SSL:

Our developers took a look at this and the issue is that the plugin using the line:
if ( ($_SERVER["HTTPS"] && ("on" === $_SERVER["HTTPS"] || "1" == $_SERVER["HTTPS"])
in advanced-headers.php. This causes WordPress to give errors. Our developers fixed the issue in the working backup by changing the line to:
if (isset($_SERVER["HTTPS"]) && ("on" === $_SERVER["HTTPS"] || "1" == $_SERVER["HTTPS"])
However, when the plugin was updated, it reset the line back to what it originally was which caused the backups to fail.

I wanted to report this to you since I use the plugin and its pro counterpart on this site. Please let me know if this could be fixed.



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