Considering using WordPress for ecommerce store.

Considering using WooCommerce and WordPress to start an ecommerce store.
Is it possible to sign up for a free version, design the site and content before upgrading the plan and launching?
OR would i need to purchase the correct plans before moving forward with designs etc?

Thank you

  1. Please don’t use []( – you’re very limited in what features you can use.

    Get hosting literally anywhere else, so there are not restrictions. e.g. SiteGround is good for newbies.

  2. If you’re a total newcomer to building a website, I suggest the new WooExpress offering which is WooCommerce integrated with

    A lot of people will tell you that it’s better to use and find a good host but there’s going to be a huge learning curve. If you’re on the paid hosting of you’re locked down in terms of what you can do, but you do have the support team available and don’t have to hunt down the answers yourself.

  3. You can develop a WordPress site locally. That is, the website exists on your computer, and it will only be accessible from your computer or home network. Once you are ready, you can move it to a host.

  4. Better find a web hosting service elsewhere, and host the store there instead.


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