Hidden composite product plugin

Hi, This is probably not a unique problem but I’m having a hard time finding resources to help.

I’m looking for a plugin to accomplish the following:

My client is a flower shop that want to have products that are composite. Say they have one arrangement is called Beautiful Sunshine and has the following “ingredients”

2 roses, 3 daisies and 5 snapdragons

How can we set it up so that Beautiful Sunshine includes these ingredients, but doesn’t ever show them to the customer (on product, cart, or checkout). These ingredients would show up on the store/backend order confirmation (and a pick list eventually). This solution would allow us to quickly adjust prices for all arrangements, as well as remove all arrangements that have ingredients that are out of season, etc.

Let me know if this is unclear or is missing some information. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Maybe a simpler analogue would be pizza

    The product is a

    Pepperoni Pizza

    Small 1 oz cheese 1 oz pepperoni

    Medium 2 oz cheese 2 oz pepperoni

    Large 3 oz cheese 3 oz pepperoni

    **What is the best way to set this up in woo?**

    I want to be able to adjust the 1oz cheese price and everything is updated. As a benefit, every “pick” order would have the ingredients/quantity listed. It would also tell me how much cheese I sold per day… etc.


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