Mapster confict with Forminator |

Hi Rana! I don’t know much about those forum policies, but I think you’ve alerted me here in any case:) Can you link me to the post you made for Forminator?


Yeah I thought it was kind of strange. You would think it would be pretty common to have a conflict between two plugins and want to alert both authors. I should have thought to just sent you a link, in the first place :0)

Thanks for responding so quickly!

Hi Rana, I’m noticing a few things.

– Siteground is doing some kind of optimization on the plugin JS, which I believe is loading some odd version of the JS. I don’t have a file mapster-wordpress-maps.min.js in the plugin that’s loaded in the current version, so that seems like a source of error.
– Are there two maps being loaded on the front page? I’m noticing map with an ID of 5717 as well as a map with the ID of 6220 being loaded on the page. Is that correct?
– When I load these in through my tests, the maps do seem to be loading properly, so it doesn’t seem like a configuration issue with the maps.

The error that is occurring in the console is coming from “mapster-wordpress-maps.min.js”, which is inside a “siteground-optimizer-assets” folder. I would look around for that and see if there is a cache you can refresh on these optimized assets?


Okay, I turned off “Minify JavaScript Files” in SiteGround Optimizer and this seems to have fixed the problem. What was confusing here was that disabling Forminator, or just deleting the shortcode for the contact form …solved the issue completely.

I thought maybe I could just exclude Mapster in the in Optimizer, but don’t see a way to do that here. I’ll get with SightGround to see if this is possible, and what would be needed?

Thanks for all your help.

And... this is a conversation I just had with SightGround

Sure John, you can exclude this in your functions.php file. You'll need a bit of code from their script, should be something like this.,add_filter,-(%20%27sgo_js_minify_exclude%27%2C%20%27js_minify_exclude%27%20)%3B%0Afunction

Example > 

add_filter( 'sgo_js_minify_exclude', 'js_minify_exclude' );

function js_minify_exclude( $exclude_list ) {

    $exclude_list[] = 'script-handle';

    $exclude_list[] = 'script-handle-2';

    return $exclude_list;


See if you can get the script-handle from the plugin author, and add it in your theme's function.php file. You can send them the link I sent you above. then just add the whole thing in your functions.php file on your theme and you'll be set.

Great, good to know! If you use the script handle “mapster-wordpress-maps” I think that should do it. Glad to hear things worked out — I’ll close the issue. It probably happens just because some of the minification logic removes parts of the scripts that are necessary to function. Let me know if you have any more trouble, and feel free to leave a plugin review if you like, it would really help the plugin 🙂


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