Contact form require email password for SMTP?

I’m relatively new to WordPress and have recently taken over a website running WordPress. In order for their contact forms to work, it seems like I need the password fot the clients business email. I’m not sure I’m completely comfortable with that, or asking the client for it.

Is this the only method for contact forms and form submissions to work on WordPress or are there any alternatives?

If not, how do you handle asking the client for the password to their business email which could have confidential information they don’t want their web designer to have access to?

  1. This doesn’t sound right. You may need the SMTP password for wherever the site is being hosted. But I can’t see any reason for the site to be requiring any individual email passwords.

  2. Transactional email providers sometimes have free tiers, but you might pay $10 for reliable email service from your website


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