Could using a platform like postimages to store images for my site use less of my own sites resources? — and what are the downsides?

Back story — I have a couple clients that display a lot of images (lots) and intermittently add more on there wordpress website. They also don’t optimize photos and want them high resolution 3K+, I’ve gone back and forth with them on this and its just not something they want to compromise on. But a couple years later the server is definitly taking a hit and the site has slowed down (Even on the pages not populated with these images).

Could using a 3rd party site to store the images help to alleviate this. Instead of linking from media file, linking to the image on a site such as postimages or freeimagehost?

Would it increase page load speeds having to retrive all these links for a gallery? Would it stop a CDN from being able to deliver these images? Does my website store the files even though its uploaded locally? Are there other downsides, security risks or anything else I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!


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