High RAM usage for WordPress sites with low traffic


I’ve got five sites and all are basically non-existent with human traffic each day. However, with WordPress installed on all of them, each day my RAM for the VPS Hosting exceeds 3gb. On a 1gb plan my option is to upgrade, but before I did, I wanted to seek your opinions on what could be causing this.

Support from Dreamhost originally said it was “zombie processes”, so I’ve regularly checked in via SSH to see what’s hogging resources and don’t see any problems there.

Then I read that Apache could be slower than Nginx, so I changed the configuration to Nginx but it seems to have gone backwards.

What RAM does a WordPress install (without plugins) typically use?

What RAM do plugins such as Wordfence, Woocommerce, and caching plugins use?

Is there a way to limit bot login attempts (that Wordfence reports daily on my multiple sites)?

Many thanks in advance, it’s going to be hard to scale one of these websites until I learn more about what’s causing this throttling!

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  1. Is the 1GB for 5 sites? That’s nowhere near enough. Depending on whether your RAM amount includes the OS, then 1GB is min for a site (inc OS).

    For a site with Woocommerce, I’ve found it needs a 2GB VPS when using AWS Lightsail (but I’ve always their Bitnami-based stack quite RAM-hungry).

    WP Rocket for caching.

    I go fairly aggressive when it comes to firewall rules in Cloudflare. The majority of my clients only need traffic from one specific country, and the US for Google’s bot. I essentially block everyone else, or use the Challenge feature. That will drastically reduce any work Wordfence needs to do once someone actually hits your server.


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