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Hello @cheristojk

Thank you very much for using our plugin. Please be sure the IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) is activated on your PayPal account. If you don’t activate the IPN, PayPal does not notify the payments to your website, and the plugin does not generate the download links or send the notification email to the buyer. To activate the IPN in the PayPal account, you must enter a URL. Please enter the URL to your website’s homepage.

Regarding the coupons, please be sure you have a coupon active for the current time interval. In the store settings, you must enter the coupon code, discount percentage, and time interval, and press the “Add/Update Coupon” button.

Best regards.

Paypal was activated and able to take payments.

I changed the set up to add to cart and then the code box appears. It would be helpful to add that to your instructions – I would have started there and not with the other button choices. I currently just have one download so the cart function wasn’t needed (except for needing the code box)

Does the “use one time” apply to the coupon or to the user?


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