Crash after update to PHP 8.1

Seems the PHP error logs show: Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons. I’m on Aruba WordPress hosting. Your Adminify plugin is the only component plugin that never allow me to upgrade from PHP 7.4.

Now I need understand how to resolve this 🙂

Hi @peopleinside

We have tested it with PHP 8.0. it was working fine. Will test it with php 8.1 soon and let you know the updates.


@stalukder03 I use WP adminify in PHP 8.1 so no issue the issue is in Aruba Hosting that is a know Hosting for Business and for WordPress too.

Seems WP adminify cannot work with PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 and the cause may be: Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons.

Seems WP Adminify require to use shell_exec() that from what I suppose is disabled in that PHP version in Aruba.

Seems I cannot use WP Adminify anymore in that website because is in a shared hosting and here I’m not allowed to allow shell_exec(). I’m asking if there is a way to have your plugin compatible also for that kind of shared hosting. Looking at the internet shell_exec() can be only allowed in a VPS.

Hi @peopleinside,
We’ve already fixed that issue and pushed update few days back.
For easier use to our clients we’ve pre-defined <style> and <script> tag on
Admin backend option settings.
That’s actually creating problems.
Please update your plugin to the latest version and reset “Admin CSS & JS” section, your problem will be solved.


@litonice13 the plugin is updated.
I unistalled completely and reinstalled but still work only on the old PHP 7.4, maybe I need do some reset but how? I need loose all custom otpions I set on WP Adminify?

What are the steps for reset I need to follow?

I loaded the page wp-admin/admin.php?page=wp-adminify-settings#tab=custom-css-js resetted and saved, switched to PHP 8.1 and get again the error website broken.

Server error log: please see here

Hi @peopleinside,

I’m suggesting you to do just this thing –
Our current Free/Pro Version is 3.0.7, Download latest files and replace this file “Inc/Admin/Options/Custom_CSS_JS_Admin_Area.php” to your server file.

Simply updating the plugin will solve this issue.
Your problem will be solved.


@litonice13 done but still website in crash.
I downloaded from here version 3.07 who is the version I have in WordPress and replaced manually the file you said.
Same error.

Ok maybe is not only this, is another error I will investigate what is this time.


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