Currently using Astra theme, want to start using Bricks. Can I keep my current URLs and content?

Hi all!

I’ve been working on my site for about 6 months. Performance and appearance are now my priority. I’ve been reading a lot about Bricks. Tons of information on this subreddit!

However, I don’t want to start a new site. I’ve got about 100 pages. I guess I don’t need to “update” all of them, because they’re basically news posts and old news is useless. You can see my site in my profile.

Anyway, I see that I can convert a page from WordPress to Bricks builder. I’ve heard from Bricks that if I want the best performance, it’s best to create “a new page” and not use their converter. I’d like to keep my current content and my URLs. Has anyone converted their site to Bricks before? Is it easy? Was there any performance improvement? Can you keep your URLs?

I really appreciate the help!


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