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Hi all,

I’m a student who’s doing a capstone project. I got to decide what my project would be and decided to create three websites all using HTML, CSS, JS and WP. The project has to show that you’ve learned something new and create a clean portfolio from it to showcase what you learned.


So my plan is to build three websites: my portfolio, another portfolio for a writer friend, and a website for a fake foodcart/restaurant. Each of the last websites would be housed in my own portfolio website. My main focus is to learn how to build custom word press themes for each of these websites from scratch and I’ve bought Brad Schiff’s ‘Become a WP developer’ course.


My question is this: Would the best approach here to be to build all of my HTML, CSS, and JS for each website so that I have a layout for everything, THEN go in and build the custom themes? That’s my plan at the moment but I just have doubt since this is new for me and I’m curious if and how others have approached this if they’ve done something similar in terms of creating custom themes for a client or themselves.

Thanks in advance for any advice and I’m happy to answer any questions in case I was missing anything in the post.

  1. Having a layout first is nice, but I would do it in figma rather than html or css. When you are developing a custom wordpress theme, to add functionality like searchform, sidebar, and some wp functions, you have to add extra html, also some of these functions add some extra html as well. It’s not the end of the world, but I have realized that is better to code the website as you go, or have a figma design.

  2. Another downside is that you would have to enqueue all the scripts and stylesheets properly when you move from pure html js css to php


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