DataTables ColumnFilterWidgets and columnDefs searchable conflict

I am having a conflict when I use the ColumnFilterWidgets in the shortcode with columnDefs searchable in the Custom Commands input. I am trying to make some columns searchable and other columns filterable, however they don’t play nice together.

Custom Commands: “columnDefs”: [ { “orderable”: false, “targets”: [ 0,4,5,7,9 ] }, { “searchable”: false, “targets”: [ 0,1,5,6,7,8,9] } ]

Shortcode: [table id=12 datatables_columnfilterwidgets=true automatic_url_conversion=true datatables_columnfilterwidgets_exclude_columns=0,1,2,3,4,5,9,10 cache_table_output=true responsive=scroll filter=”Draft” filter_inverse=true /]

With this configuration the columns I choose become searchable, but the dropdown filters don’t work and the table responds with “No matching records found”.

When I remove those columns (5,6,7) from the searchable targets array then the dropdown filter works, but of course those columns now become searchable.

I understand that the “search” is actually a filter, so I assume this is where the conflict lies, but I can’t figure out the solution.


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