Default headings and paragraph settings


If I could set the heading count to some number and the paragraphs to some number and have those remembered, that would be useful.

You are talking about the Build Content section, right? If yes, my plan is that you’ll be able to “Save” your current choices as a “Template”, that will appear in the list on the left (which is why it appeared recently). Then you’ll only need to click on the Template you made and re-use it, by modifying only what you need. That would work?

Also, it would be nice if we could have some saved fields that could be included with the content body request. This could be a way for us to put our own spin on the output without having to enter that each time we generate content.

I am not sure I understand; you’d like additional parameters? Can you give me an example of “saved” fields?

The dropdown for the heading and paragraph count has a strange behavior.  I see it has a radio button circle, but clicking on that doesn’t do anything.  I have to actually click on the desired number.  Why are the radio buttons even needed? It just clutters up the interface. 

Yeah, they only work if you filled-up the previous fields. It’s actually now a bug (so thanks for pointing at this) since we can use the Topic directly, we should be also able to set those numbers anytime. But they are useful, as they are used in the prompts, and therefore, they impact the content. I’ll make them always available. That said, how would you decide the number of paragraphs or sections/headings without them?


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