Create custom tables and data from the wordPress backend

Hi, I was looking for a way to create custom tables in the WordPress database and input custom data into those tables from the back end of WordPress, perhaps by using a plug-in. Then, on other pages on the site, I’d like to access that table and the information and output it to the page. Is that something that’s possible? I know how to do this in MySQL, and create the queries using a PHP plug-in in the back end of WordPress, but I was thinking there might be a plug-in way of doing both the building of the table and accessing the table so I don’t have to build my own tables outside of WordPress using MySQL

My use case would be to create a table, let’s say with a list of cars and their accessories, and then access that list of cars from other pages to output the data on the page, based on certain queries that I would come up with.

Sorry if this is just a bad question or if I’m just not making things clear.


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