implement text rewrite within a submission form

Hi, I have a feasibility question.
I have a job board using WP Job manager. This includes a job submission form with several fields. A lot of people write pretty terrible ads and I was thinking it would be great to incorporate GPT3 within the job submission form.

So my question is in 2 parts:
1) A ‘simple’ solution to the above problem could be to insert your chatbot as a widget next to the job submission form. Users could paste in their jbo ad text and the chatbot coudl respond with an improved version. BUT, is it possible to specify the prompt so it cna only be sued for this one thing? ie if in the ‘context’ setting of the chatbot parameters I write a detailed version of a prompt like “Provide a more engaging version of the job listing description and suggest areas of improvement and missing peices of information”, would that be sufficient? Users woudl then simply paste their text there and receive the revised version back without having to write the prompt themselves?

2) is there a way to embed this directly within the job submission form so that users might write their text in the normal job submission field, but have a button to click ‘suggest improvements’ that would send their inputted text along with a pre-configured prompt to openai?



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