Deprecated plugin

The website im working on is using a theme named VG RIBONA, which uses revolution slider as its slider in the home page.
Because its not activated its appearing now as short code and whenever i try to activate it its giving me an error that it doesnt match the current php and there is no update button for it. I contacted the theme no luck they didnt respond
Problem is since the theme was purchased it was a bundle so the plugin on its own is not free im scared of deleting it then being made to purchase it and i cant do that
And its shortcode is not visible in wp bakery idk what to do please help

  1. If you’re getting a PHP error you may need to update the version on your hosting (vs updating the plugin). A surprising number of hosts still run 5.6 by default even tho 8.x is out. If you don’t know how to figure it out, talk to your host. Just be aware that some hosts won’t let you downgrade once you’ve upgraded. Ideally you’d install your entire site including plugins and theme on a staging subdomain and test the update there before doing it on your production site.


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