Desperate Help for a dumb volunteer

Hey y’all,

I’m a workaway volunteer in Jordan, who was tasked to help the manager on a Bedouin camp with his WordPress site. His English isn’t great and getting passwords is super hard but I managed to get into his WordPress site (I think cPanel is the manger but idk what that means.) I have background with digital marketing but not website building, outside of easy stuff like Wix.

Anyway through some trial and error I was managing to do my job, the site had been built, I was just editing the copy and adding photos. Been working for 2 hours on my phone (don’t have laptop,) and it was going well. Was in classic mode -> edit media and it was easy, was not touching code. 10 minutes ago, site crashed, I cannot load it, or log in.

The site is “ “

I never was able to log in through, but I made edits from but that is not loading for me either. Boss is confused and impatient, I told him it is down for a little as edits are being made but I can’t keep that up. No idea what went wrong, is there a chance this is temporary? Also rarely have service, but please try to respond quickly, sorry I have no idea what I’m talking about


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