Display Icon in button text

Hi there,

could you share a screenshot where exactly you want to add an icon?

Thanks for your cooperation.

nevermind i managed to add icon before quick view text using below code snippet

i wanted to add eye icon just before Quick View text inside quick view button on shop page


function yith_add_quick_view_button_html_function($button, $label, $product) {
	global $product;

			if (  $product instanceof WC_Product ) {
				$product_id = $product->get_id();


			$button = '';
			if ( $product_id ) {
				if ( ! $label ) {
					$label = $this->get_button_label();

				$button = '<a href="#" class="button yith-wcqv-button" data-product_id="' . esc_attr( $product_id ) . '"><span class="wcva_custom_dash dashicons dashicons-welcome-view-site"></span> ' . $label . '</a>';
	    return $button ;


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