Divi Theme Disaster

I have a pretty big site built on the Divi Theme that is a big mess plagued by recurring problems. I am not the builder and only know enough about WordPress to make an occasional content change. The problem list is long and I have hired higher skilled freelancers to identify the cause but they just end up doing the same thing the original builder does which is to correct the current problem only to have the problem reoccurring again.
I will spare this post the long list of problems and limit my request for recommendations of an alternative mobile solution. Assume, if you will, that this site is not a mobile responsive site and has no chance of ever becoming a mobile responsive site. What are the mobile alternatives? A decade ago we used a program called gomobi which was perfect, it just made a mobile site from our site and was flawless. That program went away because things are so much better now in the world of mobile responsive sites, except they are not in my situation. Is there a current program we can use like the gomobi program that lifts the content from our site for a mobile site but is a stand alone so it does not adopt the problems of our site related to mobile. Thanks for considering my request.
Oh, one more thing. We have blog thumbnails displaying that have an image from one post, headline from a different post and content from a third post. How is that even possible? I told you the site is a mess.


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