Do not upgrade to 6.4, it has a known bug

Had a hell of a day today. Do not upgrade to 6.4, it breaks PHP cURL and you can no longer install/update themes and plugins.

WordPress core team are aware and currently awaiting a fix.

Further info:

If you have already updated to 6.4, revert it back to 6.3 (otherwise you won’t be able to do auto update from within the site) and ensure you disable core updates in wp-config.php, and then sit and wait for 6.4.1

  1. Thanks!!

    This is why it’s a good policy to wait for a week or so before updating to a major WordPress version. The []) support forum lights up pretty quick with support requests when there is a breaking change.

  2. I just updated to my site to 6.4 and had no problem updating any of my plugins afterwards, for whatever that’s worth.

  3. Updating to major versions should always be regarded as “the real, proper, beta-testing.” 🙂

    I don’t do it for production websites.

  4. I did have problems with a couple of updates but it seems like once I updated the plugins with the issues all went OK.

  5. Thank you!! Especially – because we use our website to post local election results and we need it working.

  6. I had this problem a week or so ago, but on 6.3. It started after some Plesk packages updated, but it resolved after I restarted the server. Server is Centos 7.9.

  7. My only problem was not being able to get the lightbox to work, the option was not even there in the gallery block, and in the image gallery the “expand on click” was greyed out.

  8. For the majority of sites, there’s no need to downgrade. This affects servers running very old versions of Curl, and given you can’t downgrade automatically anyway, you’re probably better off waiting until 6.4.1 is released and upgraded to that manually.

    Plus, they might be able to solve this server side and solve the whole thing anyway.


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