1. I include very basic SEO, redirects, setting up GA/GTM/Search Console as needed. If they want to hire me to consult on digital marketing campaigns such as email blasts, Social Media, content creation, further analytics configuration and tracking – I have all of that experience in my wheelhouse and can guide initially. It’s not my favorite part of the industry, though, so I tend to recommend a colleague who’s an expert once I get them started.

  2. Yes I offer marketing services, but only because I have experience with them and have gotten results already.

    Rarely, a client will ask me for a completely new service and I tell them I don’t do it. Sometimes they ask if I’m willing to learn, and sometimes I am. They trust me, I have a very low turnover for my clients.

    But over the past decade I’ve learned these services and offer them to my clients:

    Web design


    Graphic design

    Google ads

    Meta ads

    Cold email campaigns

    Email retargeting campaigns



    I have also now partnered with a drone pilot and now we offer drone videography/photography.

    Let me be clear though: I don’t recommend offering services you’ve never provided. It’s a recipe for disaster and can hurt your brand. I only did this when my client was well aware they were new skills I was learning and they were okay with that.


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