Does anyone know of a time card plugin that tracks IP address?

I have twelve students doing clinical rotations at different locations. I need a WP plugin that allows them to clock in and out on site. The GPS tracker will ensure they are clocking from the clinical site, not from home. Students only have a little money so hoping to find a free plugin. Clock Shark is the only thing I see so far at $10/per student per month.

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  1. And any student with even a modicum of technical know-how will start spoofing the GPS coordinates from any Android or jailbroken iOS phone. And there will be nothing you can do about it. iOS apps can check for jailbroken status, in the same way police can look for illegal vehicle mods, but even that can be circumvented/hidden by having the app appropriately sandboxed/virtualized. Yes, phones are surprisingly powerful these days.

    If you want something even remotely robust, find someone at each of these locations with whom these students need to check in with, and who does the checking in (to you) for the student.

    Better yet, there are devices out there that can read RFID tags that you could get authorization to attach to the buildings. Students would have to touch these devices to the tags in order to “register” their coming and going. But unless these devices have been updated to report over LTE in the few decades since I last used them, you have to collect them manually to see who clocked in where. And the students would have to remember to bring them along, which can be dicey in of itself, as these don’t exactly do double-duty as social-media portals.

    Best yet — trust your students? They’re legal adults by now, no?


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