Double Approval Process |

Hi, I was asking myself if a doubled approval would be possible? At the moment I can choose wether the user confirms via link or the admin approves the registration. As I’m using the approval via UM as the general approval but also as double optin for further communication (GDPR) I would like to restrict the access to the website a bit more.

My request: Is it possible to do the following process? A user registers on the page. Admin gets message for approval. Same time user gets message that approval is pending. After the admin approved the registration an automated email is sent to the user that he/she needs to click the activation link in the email for final approval.

The messages should be possible when copying the activation link in the “Account Approved Email”. But I have no idea how to realize that semi-/full-approval.

It could also be the other way around. It is important that I have the double opt-in and at the same time check in advance who wants to have access to the website.

Or would you recommend to use UM Profile Content Moderation Plugin and say that the user will be approved via email link but gets access to sensitive content after an admin had approved that? Is it also possible to work here with multiple approval steps? For example the approval described above is done but after that there’s an additional form to provide access to other content?

Thanks in advance for your help


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