E-Mail not sent when order is paid


Thanks for contacting us. Your post is mainly referred to the commercial version of Vik Rent Items, which supports extra payment methods through WordPress plugins compatible with our framework. For this reason, it would be better if you could get in touch with our programmers through our website by opening a ticket so that we could assist you better.

The behavior you described is not normal, because the confirmation email is always sent to the customer when the status of a rental order changes from pending to confirmed after receiving a valid payment. As you’ve noticed, from the Configuration page you could choose to not send the email notification when the status is “pending” (“stand-by”), but when payments are received via front-end and the status changes to “Confirmed”, the email notification is always sent to the customer.

We know for sure that this is not an issue related to the combination of sender/recipient email addresses, because you said for the “Pending” status the email is correctly sent, and so the email sending functions must be working properly.

You said to be using our Stripe integration with PHP 8.0, and so we wonder if the issue could be caused by an outdated version of our Stripe integration, whose official SDK does not support PHP 8.0. The Stripe plugin should therefore be updated by using our plugin Vik Updater and by entering your purchase order number.

Alternatively, you can try to switch back to any PHP 7.x version to see if the issue is fixed, although our plugin Vik Rent Items is fully compatible with any PHP 8.x version. At today, using PHP 8 is still too early, because the first LTS release of PHP 8 will be the 8.2, which is not yet available as of today (August 2022). For this reason, using PHP 7.6, or any other version of the 7 series is definitely better.

As long as the status of a rental order changes automatically from “stand-by” to “confirmed” after receiving a valid payment placed through the front-end section of your website, the email notification must be sent automatically to the guest. Of course, if the status doesn’t change automatically to “Confirmed”, then it must be because of an error with the Stripe official PHP SDK not supporting your PHP version. This would cause a break of the execution process, and so it would explain why the email is not being sent to the customer.

We invite you to reach out to our support team through our dedicated support ticketing platform in case you keep having problems even after following these advises.

Thank you,
The VikWP Team


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