Easiest way to get started

I have degrees in computer science but have never really used Word Press but now I am going to start my own cybersecurity company and want this part of maintaining a company site to be as easy as possible and don’t need anything super fancy. Documentation for the software I’m selling, contact form, a blog section, company info, so fairly static.

What is the easiest way to get started?

[onamae.com]) where I bought my domain is so bad, their UI is terrible so I saw Word Press on GCP, Azure, and then of course on [https://wordpress.org/hosting/])

Cost is another factor and it’s tempting to go with either GCP or Azure both offering free credits and free tier (have not looked at AWS yet) but I’m not sure if credits or free tier can be applied to any or all of their Word Press offerings so if you have any advice, please leave a comment.


Note, I will want a ChatGPT fine-tuned ChatBot on my site to answer customer questions…in Japanese and Korean.


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